Am I Too Far ? Is It Too Hard ?

I sit here, close to you

I see you talk,

I see you laugh,

I try to join, I fake my smile,

For what I feel, is sorrow

I feel pain, I feel sick,

As my visions start to go,

As I begin to fall,

Can you not extend a hand ?

Can you not say, ‘I’ll stay with you for now’ ?

Can you not see through my heart ?

Can you not hear beyond ‘I’m okay’ ?

Am I too far for you to extend ?

Am I too far to be heard ?

Am I too far to be seen ?

I get up to go, Wondering,

Am I ? Or is it too hard ?

I kept pondering, as tears dropped,

Down my eyes,

Did I make it this hard ?

Did I make it unable for you ?

As I walk, in the crowded street,

I hear, myself and no one else,

Why is it so hard ?

Hours pass-by,

Tears dried up, only sobs came,

And the heart ache remained,

For the first time in life,

You made me feel it,

As heart ached, i slowly drifted to sleep,

With the pain,

Next morning, as I got up,

I still wondered,

Was i too far ? Or

Is it too hard ?

– Mona


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