Let go

Good or bad, moments make me

I hold them tight inside me,

A part of me wanting to let go,

Another part, hardening it’s grip,

For they hurt,

So much that I think…… no more,

But some brings happiness,

A smile on my crying face,

Like a chill breeze in a burning land

How to let go ?

I have no answer, for they are inseparable,

Good and bad together,

Like two faces of a coin,

If I let go, I’ll give up on whole coin,

I looked back on what I held,

Tightly, closer and dearly to me,

Closer I look, clearer I saw,

The moments dearest to me,

I hold onto them hardest,

So hard that they bore in them

Marks of suffocation and to me too,

I wondered,

How can I hurt what I love ?

Is this even love or just my stubbornness ?

Then, I realized

Letting is not making them go away,

For those who love you always come back to you

This lessened my hurt,

As, i started to let go slowly,

The hurt went and what came back was pleasent chill breeze,

Hanging closer to me than ever,

But now, I didn’t have to hold them,

Hold them, to be with me,

Making me strong, secure

For now, I know,

How to make myself a happy home

With joyful memories

      – Mona



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