Blowing Wind

As the darkness of hot, sunny desert

Tries to break me,

I see – Sands flowing for miles and miles,

Amidst it all,

Blew chill breeze over,

Shivers went down the spine,

As the blowing wind started –

to melt my frozen heart,

took me with him to shade and light,

As I begin to feel the breeze,

I met myself again,

Together with – loosing in you

But –

My hands can not hold it in,

For it was never my place,

Never my right,

Just a forbidden longing out of my reach,

Still –

As the breeze kept on blowing,

Piercing me,

Leaving imperishable precious scars,

As I stand – feeling you,

Through the thin veil between us now,

Unbeknownst to you – O’ passing wind,

If only you could see, awhile melting

You have my heart – freeze,

Freeze Forever

– Mona


One thought on “Blowing Wind”

  1. Its very beautiful 🙂 From a literary point of view, it seems that the author saw a glimmer of hope in the grim situation in which she find herself, but the glimmer of hope was not to stay. Instead the disappearing of that glimmer of hope dropped the author into a grimmer situation than from where the author had started. But to the author I would like to say that just as the author never expected something to have that sort of effect on her, to not stop hoping, to not stop believing that some day there will a bigger glimmer of hope which will be the one the author can hold on to, which will be the one which will seem right. In fact maybe even this glimmer is the right one, but even after persistence if it still doesnt seem like the right one, then to just hope for a bigger and better glimmer of hope and until then just keep working on accepting and believing more strongly in that glimmer of hope.


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