Regrets – I might, Will you ?

I Know you love me,

I know I am important to you,

Yet you break your promises,

Yet you leave on the middle of road,

Yet you let me walk away,

Never holding me back,

For those million reasons – Unsaid,

I get mad mad at you,

I don’t talk to you,

I can not spell out the words,

That get struck half-way in my throat,

I contain myself in, I just wait for you,

For all those times,

When you don’t ask,

When you don’t understand,

When you don’t wait for me,

Or my answers,

When I am confused,

When I wish to hate you – But can not,

Losing my way in this

Labyrinth of emotions,

I can not say that ‘I love you”,

For what I feel is beyond,

These words to express,

I might not even love you,

For all those times,

I wonder –

When I’ll close my eyes,

When I’ll be gone –

Far beyond your reach yet as close as the air you breathe,

Will you regret ?

Regret – not holding me back,

Shattering the glass of promises,

Leaving me alone,

Letting me go,

Not waiting for me,

Not knowing my heart, my pain,

For I know I might regret,

Walking away, not running to you,

Finding all those reasons to be mad,

Neither loving nor hating you enough,

Not blaming yet blaming you too much,

Not telling you that ‘I miss you’,

Not saying ‘thank you’ for just loving me,

Not letting you know – my heart, my pain,

I’ll regret –

Not trying my best, Not being myself,


Before I close my eyes,

Baby, before I drift to endless sleep,

I’m gonna do things,

I won’t ever regret,

But, Tell me darling –

Would you have no regrets – Afterwards . . . .

– Mona







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