Do you ?

You say you understand,

I wonder, do you really ?

Do you know how it feels when –

You want to speak –

With no words to express

You want to be heard –

With voice struck in your throat,

You want to cry –

But have to hold it in,

You are angry –

But cannot scream,

You want them to know –

But cannot tell,

You want to shout – ” I’m not okay !”

And all you say is – ” I’m okay !”

When they do wrong,

When you are hurt,

And all you say – ‘ It’s okay !” – for them,

When you wait – but cannot tell,

When you wish they listen –

For they only hear,

When they promise and break it,

And break it every single time,

With no remembrance of it in the morning,

Struck to you like a real memory,

Unlike dreams to them that they forget,

Do you know the pain,

The pain of denial that you’re in pain,

I wonder if you really do ?

Do you ?

Well, the day you do,

You’ll have the right to say – ” I understand you “,

Until then,

Don’t say it,

For it hurts me more !!

   – Mona


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